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Think that “improving the health and lives of women” is a worthy mission?

Here are 5 more ways to stay connected with us for news, educational articles, promotions and community… and to help us reach more women.

By Amy Spreadborough, Emerita, on Oct 11, 2011 | 0 comments

If you’ve been a subscriber to this email newsletter for long, you know we tend to focus on topics that many people don’t talk a lot about. We’ve focused on feminine odor, on midlife hair loss, on memory issues, on the chemical exposure you get from most tampons and pads. Topics like these are not always easy to discuss. In fact, I’ve had friends and family members look at me with a curious expression when I’ve popped off in casual conversation about tampons.

But these are important topics, and someone’s got to start the conversation about them. We’ve noticed in talking with our customers over these many years that when it comes to women’s sexual vitality, midlife body changes, feminine care issues, etc. –so many women feel alone. They have no idea that the things they’re experiencing are shared by millions of other women out there… who also probably think they’re alone.

We really appreciate that you’re taking the time to engage with us, to learn, to find solutions, to share. The Emerita Way is about “improving the health and lives of women.” It’s the first thought we have when we come to work every day. We’re on a mission—and it feels like a very worthy one—of helping women feel more informed and empowered.

There are other ways you can be connected, too. Become our fan on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter—for more articles, news, promotions. Or for a welcome reality-check, become a fan of our Blog, LookHowFarWeveCome.org, where every day we’re celebrating the ways large and small that our world today is a far cry from our mothers’. Think of it as your daily dose of positive pop-culture feminism. You can follow our blog via RSS feed or via Facebook. And if you come across articles there that interest you, pass them along to your friends, sisters and daughters.