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Why not sell tampons the way women want to buy them?

Introducing the first organic tampon multipack.

By Amy Spreadborough, Emerita, on Aug 10, 2011 | 0 comments

It’s an idea that could only come from a woman-operated company, right? The notion that maybe every day of your period might not be a Super-Plus day. Some days might be Regular. Some might be Super. So why should tampons mostly be available in only boxes of Regular, or Super or Super-Plus?

Certainly this multipack idea is not new. Other brands offer mixed Regular, Super and Super-Plus tampons packaged together. It’s just that we’re the first brand of Organic Cotton Tampons to do it.

Why? Because we support vagina-friendly feminine care.

The vagina is a delicate place. It doesn’t take a lot to upset its happy little ecosystem. So, for its health and happiness, here are some important reasons for buying tampons this way:

For one, using a tampon that’s more absorbent than you need can just plain hurt, which isn’t pleasant. And chafing can leave behind small fibers, which, in turn, can give bacteria something to grow on. Eww.

The insert that comes in every box of tampons in the U.S. (we call ours the “Tampon Owner’s Manual”) includes instructions to always select the minimum absorbency required for your flow. The text indicates that doing so can reduce your risk of contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

Emerita tampons are 100% organic cotton, so there’s no pesticide residue and no traces of dioxin, a carcinogen that can come from Chlorine-bleaching. Our multipack contains 16 Regular applicator tampons, 8 Super and 8 Super-Plus.

Why aren’t all tampons made this way? We don’t know! But the more women ask questions and seek out information about how feminine hygiene products interact with your body, the more the world just might change a little.

Help us spread the word!

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