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Dioxins, Plastics, Perfumes? Doesn’t it make you just itch to know what your pantyliner is made of?

Introducing the new age of products designed from a women’s health perspective.… read more

Here a leak there a leak, everywhere a leak leak

Light bladder leakage is a problem for one-third of women. Here's what's happening and what you can do about it.… read more

What the young women you know need to know about periods

As the iconic coming-of-age read “Our Bodies, Ourselves” turns 40, there is a whole new class of young women who are just learning about periods, cramps and feminine hygiene. And they need your advice.… read more

We’re starting a revolution...a feminine hygiene revolution, that is

Choose products that are made with your health and best interest in mind. Why aren’t all tampons and pads made that way? We don’t know. Learn more—and help us spread the word!… read more

What’s up with that itch you can’t scratch?

5 good things to know about feminine itching.… read more

To dye or not to dye...

Grey hair in the face of aging, authenticity and personal preference...read more

Single and Smiling: The extinction of the spinster

 40 percent of Americans over the age of 45 are single. They are active, independent and they are not alone...read more

  1. Winter blues have you down?

    We've got 6 ways to kiss them goodbye.… read more

  2. Think that “improving the health and lives of women” is a worthy mission?

    Here are 5 more ways to stay connected with us for news, educational articles, promotions and community… and to help us reach more women.… read more

  3. Why do we crave chocolate on our periods?

    You’re bloating and bleeding and now you have to deal with being overly-hungry, too. Why do we get cravings and what’s our fascination with chocolate? Read on, my hungry friend.… read more

  4. Why not sell tampons the way women want to buy them?

    Introducing the first organic tampon multipack.… read more

  5. Romantic beach trip? 90-minute lunch? Take-out and Netflix?

    Here’s a perfect thing for summer fun.… read more

  6. Don't get burned...

    One of the women of Emerita shares the latest facts on how to protect your skin in the sun this summer.… read more

  7. Thanks mom! Celebrating motherhood.

    May means Mother’s Day: A reminder to acknowledge the women in your life who have shaped who you are today.… read more