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We’re starting a revolution...a feminine hygiene revolution, that is

Choose products that are made with your health and best interest in mind. Why aren’t all tampons and pads made that way? We don’t know. Learn more—and help us spread the word!

By Amber McKenna, Emerita

When we did our homework on the feminine hygiene industry we were shocked. And then we were outraged. Why had nobody warned us what tampons were made of? Why have we been exposing ourselves to irritation-provoking pads over years and years of periods? Why is nobody talking about this?

It’s time that women know about feminine hygiene products. Tell your mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters and friends—what you put in your body matters!

We’re championing this cause full force… by introducing products that are made with women’s health in mind…and by launching an education campaign encouraging women to really think about what they’re buying—and why.

We’re introducing a line of 100% Organic Cotton Tampons and 100% Natural Cotton Pads and Pantyliners. They’re all chlorine-free, which means they’re free from dioxin, a carcinogen. Plus, they’re made without synthetics and potentially-irritating chemical additives. Just 100% breathable cotton goodness.

Over the years we’ve been educated to hear the words “organic cotton tampon” and think “that’s nice for the environment.” A “nice-to-have,” instead of a “need-to-have.” Instead, women need to think “organic = pesticide-free.” They need to automatically think “chlorine-free = free from dioxin, a carcinogen.” Why aren’t all tampons and pads made this way? We don’t know. That’s why we created an educational campaign ChangeYourTampon.com to make it simple to understand the benefits of cotton and to encourage women to spread the word.

We’re doing this because our mission is “Improving the health & lives of women.” Here at Emerita, we’re a woman-operated company. That means we’re a bunch of ladies, and we actually use the products we sell on a regular basis. We care not only about the quality of our products… but also about the quality of our consumer education.

We’ve never shied away from talking to women about “taboo” subjects, like menopause and sexual vitality, so we’re more than ready to tackle the often-undiscussed topics of periods and tampons and pads. And that’s also why, with confidence, we can proudly come to you with our newest product line.

Help us spread the word and educate women.

Forward this link to a friend, sister, daughter.

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